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Medical Touch

Medication Costs Are A Barrier To Good Health

Now more than ever people struggle to afford the vital medications that they need to maintain their health. Unfortuantely too many people have to make the hard decesion of compromising to pay their bills, their groceries, or their medications. However, for many people this does not need to be the case. At MedAxe we belive that cost should not be the reason why you are not on the best medication for your condition. We believe everyone has the right to have affordable medication regimens. Let us help you explore specific programs and methods to reduce your medication costs, and even get certian medications for free! With our help, we can show you new avenues to allow you and your provider make sure you are on THE BEST regimen for your condition.

What Medications Can We Help You With?

At MedAxe we work with people on an indivdual basis to see what their needs are. We help people on both commercial and governmental insruance. Our avenues can often help reduce your medication costs or even get certain medications for free. Althrough our aim is to help all people, those on the following type of medications are likely to benefit the most from our services

  • Diabetes

  • Heart

  • Asthma/COPD

  • Biologic medications

Not sure if our services will help you? Book a FREE quick call to review your situation to see if we can help reduce your costs. 

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